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Blowing tools

We have great expertise in the production of all kinds of blowing tools and packaging tools.

Manufacture of blowing tools and blow molds

With 4Tools has for the past 25 years worked with the manufacture of blow molds as well as experience from the production of blown packaging, it provides a good background for the manufacture of high quality blow molds. It is important for us to deliver a product that meets 100% to the customer's wishes and needs , therefore we value the close dialogue very highly.

If you have a good idea and need advice or sparring, we are ready to help you through the entire process, from the first sketch to the finished product. At 4Tools, we specialize in the production of molds and blow molds for industry. With a well-equipped machine park and a team of well-trained employees, we handle every type of task, regardless of size and scope.

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MB: We have extensive experience with the manufacture of blow molds and blowing tools - We have a well-equipped machine park and can solve tasks of all sizes.

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